12v all metal gearbox motor assembly

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12v customised all metal gearbox motor assembly.

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12v customised all metal gearbox motor assembly.

Been working with the manufacturer in China to be able to source these direct from factory. These are custom assemblies made to our specification. Having been QC and checked by our agent in China, they are then rechecked here in the UK.

These motor gearbox assemblies come with the clutch fitted. Some people need the clutch for certain aspects, however the M5 grubs to lock off the clutch come with them. Locking off the clutch stops the motor from disengaging drive, something that is needed for drive motors. Visit this video for instructions on how to disable the clutch.

If you wish for them to come pre-locked, i can fit the grub screws for you. Just send a message with your order.

  • 12v RS550 motor
  • Single speed 550 RPM output
  • All metal 36:1 planetary gearbox
  • Outputs about 22Nm of torque
  • 3/8UNF output thread with 1x M5 LH x 20 countersunk screw
  • 440g approx
  • Screw fitting of motor to gearbox
  • Clutch assembly fitted – Grub screws will now be included
  • Motor mounts available here
  • 2.1 amp run current.

Video Review made by WillCaddy is available to watch on YouTube

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Weight 500 g

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