Steel hubs with keyway or drill thread


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Smaller hubs similar to the aluminium ones i sell, but smaller and with M4 bolt holes PCD 24mm

Useful for smaller wheels or smaller lifter mounts.

The keyway is ideal for use on the Battenbox and use a circlip to lock the wheel on. you can also use a combination of both key and thread to make a lockablewheel hub assembly that uses the keyway to stop rotating, and the thread to stop sliding off!

32mm diameter with full height of 13mm. 12mm bore with 4mm keyway OR with 3/8 UNF thread for fitting onto the drill threaded shaft. Has 2x M4 grub screws.

Flange fixings are 4x4mm 24mm PCD

Made from steel.

Smaller aluminium hubs are available:
Larger aluminium ones are also available:

Additional information

Bore type

12mm with 4mm keyway, 3/8 UNF thread