TSC speedy Gearbox (Battenbox speedy) 900 RPM 18v


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Custom designed and manufactured aluminium gearbox based on drill gearboxes.

    • Gearbox section is only 45mm square, 41mm wide.
    • Multiple mounting options with M6 holes on edge and gearbox face. 20mmx30mm on side and both 4at 35mm PCD, or 20mmx35mm square.
    • 481g approx
    • 24:1 total gear reduction with 2 stage all metal planetary 6:1 and 4:1 gear reductions
    • 900 RPM approx at 18v (18v motor)
    • 18v RS550 2.1Amp run current available
    • Rugged design with all metal gearbox
    • 2 bearings positioned to stop gearbox locking from axle, shear, bending and torsional loads. The output shaft cannot shift into the gearbox causing it to jam.
    • Designed with full drive motor pinion in mesh
    • Drill shaft output and 4x15mm keyway on output shaft (key not included)
    • 1 year in development from 3D printed design to full CNC machining from 6082 t6 aluminium
    • Can fit to RS550 motor or motor with either 19mm or 25mm M3 or 29mm M4 spacing. Note the Speedy Battenbox uses a larger diameter motor pinion gear and can be drilled through on a lathe so that a 775 5mm shaft would fit.
    • Uses 15 tooth 0.7 MOD motor pinion gear (~3.175mm D shaft). Additional pinion gears will be made available soon with grubscrew and different diameters bores to choose from.
    • LH Screw included.

TESTED in battle at events. No issues! No Jams!

STEP model file with 550 motor available here LINKY STEP file

F3d model file with 550 motor available here LINKY F3d file

Contact me for availability, usually shipped after 2-4 days depending on when the order is placed.

Please note, I machine the keyway on my mill which is stored at work and therefore only get to make them after work when I am working in the office.

Note, Product gallery shows the TSC Battenbox 550 RPM models gears and not the 900s

Additional information

Weight 490 g
Motor voltage

12v, 18v