TSC speedy Gearbox (Battenbox speedy)


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Custom designed and manufactured aluminium gearbox based on drill gearboxes.

    • 481g approx
    • 900 RPM approx at 18v
    • 18v RS550
    • Rugged design with all metal gearbox
    • 2 bearings positioned to stop gearbox locking from axle, shear, bending and torsional loads. The output shaft cannot shift into the gearbox causing it to jam.
    • Designed with full drive motor pinion in mesh
    • Multiple mounting options with M6 holes
    • Drill shaft output and 4mm keyway on output shaft
    • 1 year in development from 3D printed design to full CNC machining from aerospace grade aluminium
    • Can fit to RS550 motor or motor with either 19mm or 25mm M3 or 29mm M4 spacing.
    • A 775 5mm shaft would fit but the pinion and back plate need to be modified to fit.
    • LH Screw fitted.

TESTED in battle at events. No issues! No Jams!

STEP model file with 550 motor available here LINKY LINK LINK

Contact me for availability, usually shipped after 4 days depending on when the order is placed.

Please note, I machine them on my personal CNC mill which is stored at work, and therefore only get to make them after work when I am working in the office. This is the reason for the delay in making these. I am continually  making them and when I have a batch I release them for sale.

Note, Product gallery shows the TSC Battenbox 550 RPM models gears and not the 900s

Additional information

Weight 490 g
Motor voltage

12v, 18v


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