80mm premium drive wheel to suit wheel hub


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Castor wheel fitted with bike tyre, machined to suit wheel hubs. Note bike tread increases tyre diameter from 80mm.

  • 80mm castor wheel machined to fit the aluminium wheel hub (sold separate here).
  • Machined to fit 4 x M5 bolts concentrically 30mm
  • Optional fitted with bike tyre tread using low profile Timco screws (not woodscrews).
  • Castor boss is turned down to give a flat flush surface to mount onto.

These are castor wheels that are modified to give you maximum grip by leveling off the bevel edge, and the middle hub is removed on the lathe to give a flush surface for the hub to sit onto.


Choosing bike tyre fitting?

Note bike tread increases tyre diameter from 80mm.

Image shows an older bike tread pattern.

The bike tyre is attached using some low profile head TIMCO screws. These screws provide better surface contact to hold down the tread without squashing through the rubber like a woodscrew would.

Additional information

Weight 130 g
tread or no tread

With bike tyre fitted, Without bike tyre fitted