30 A fuse holder (Clearance)


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These holders are similar to our 40 amp rated fuse holders, but are only rated to 30 amp max. 30 amp fuse included.

An image in the gallery shows the difference between the 30 and 40 amp versions.

These fuse holders feature 2x 3.3mm holes 27mm apart allowing you to bolt it to your chassis as a fuseholder or even a fuse/link combo.

The fuse should be installed on the positive line just after the battery.

Takes the standard blade fuses you find most common in cars.

Suitable up to 30 amp fuses at 32v. Included is a 30 amp fuse.

For bigger power bots I recommend going for higher amp fuses (60/80) and using MIDI fuses either with a holder or bolted to ring crimps and insulated – available here

Remember to calculate the fuse rating based on your lipo battery C rating and choose a fuse lower than that but more than your stall/robot usage.

To calculate the fuse rating, take the maximum C value and multiply it by the number of amps delivered by that pack. A 3S 3000mah with a C rating of 45 will provide 45 x 3.0amps =  135 amps so a fuse rating of 100 or 80 will be fine.
That being said, I run my 2wd pusherbot on a 40 amp fuse. 20 amps blew out.

The correct 40 amp fuse holders are also available on our site, along with wired fuse holders and Midi fuse holders.

We also have our Fuse holders which are pre wired to 12AWG cable here: https://teamsc.co.uk/product/blade_holder/



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