Featherweight 100amp brushed ESC


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Direct from factory, ESC suitable for driving your bots about.

  • Working voltage: 3s-6s 10.5V-26V
  • RC controller input (pulse width: 0.8ms-2.2ms, midpoint 1.5ms)
  • Peak current (forward and reverse): 100A
  • UBEC 5V 3A. 2 ESCs cannot be used to power the receiver at the same time. Remove red wire from servo lead for 2nd or more escs.
  • Can power 2×550, 2×775 or 1x 125w scooter motor – as used by Wanna Choppa – FW Axe robot.
  • Center braking in mode 1 (Switch center)
  • Size: 7.2*3.5*2.4cm
  • Power on and status LEDs
  • Remove red wire from servo lead for 2nd or more escs.

Braking modes are changeable when using the selector switch.

Future models will have solder tabs to change brake mode, and repositioned caps – currently under discussions with factory.

Brake modes: (set by switch, changes come into effect once power is cycled off/on)

  • 0: No power braking – free roll
  • 1: Drag brake (throttle midpoint brake) – FOR ROBOT DRIVE
  • 2: Need to let stick center before reversing


LED indicator:

-When the ESC is powered on and the throttle is not at middle point, LED will intermittent flash.you have to adjust the throttle to middle point, then LED always on, otherwise the ESC will not work

-When powering on, the LED flashes 3 times then remains on. This is working normally.

-On: Working normally

-Intermittent Flash: stick is not central

-Continuous flash: Lost signal

-Lost throttle signal will cause the led to flash and the ESC will Fail Safe in neutral so the motor will stop. Regaining signal will cause the ESC to start operating again.


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