Part manufacturing CNC and manual




I can offer machining services of CNC routing, milling and turning as well as 3D printing and casting.

Want a fancy machined part without the high costs. I am able to provide a good machining service of both manual and CNC services.

Materials include Aluminium, plastics and wood. Carbon fibre machining and 3d printing. Manual machining of steels is also possible.

I personally have:

  • CNC Router
  • CNC Milling machine
  • CNC Lathe (in progress)
  • Manual mill and lathe
  • K40 Laser cutter
  • Plastic and Resin based 3D printers.
  • Injection Molding machine
  • Vacuum chamber and pressure pots for silicon and resin work.
  • I have keyway broaching tools to cut 2mm – 8mm and 1/8 keyways.

Check out the image gallery to view a selection of my commission work, including HDPE robot chassis, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fibre drone panels, 3D printed Antweight bodies, Hacky Racer parts and museum display pieces to name a few.

Email me or catch me on discord (Roboteernat) or facebook to discuss more.